Sunday, 11 December 2011

As "the baton is passed from artisan to artist" can we look forward to a new kind of regeneration?

Sheffield's City Centre is turning into a ghost town of empty shops along The Moor and surrounding areas. This is due to the thwarting of ambitious plans of developers and the city council by the recession in 2009. 

Yet, whilst writing an article about CADS and their new project SKINN, I come across similar fascinating and exciting projects like the 140 year old Stag Works and the adjacent Portland Works. And I wonder whether the halting of urban regeneration is really such a terrible thing?

What other exciting projects are being born out the 'crisis' which leaves us with no option but to 'do it ourselves'?

"Sheffield's 'Stag Works' is a decaying, crumbling curiosity with a fascinating place in the city's cultural and industrial heritage. As the old workshops and artisans give way to new music studios and artists, the building bears witness to a tapestry of innovation, passion and imagination. A metaphor for the modern city?"

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